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Russian academy of sciences


Academician Emelyanov Stanislav

The journal was founded in 2008.
The journal is published quarterly.
   Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" of Russian academy of sciences
   tel: 8(499)135-62-60, fax: 8(499) 930-45-05
   119333 Vavilova 44/2 Moscow
   Emelyanov Stanislav, academician of RAS, chairman of editorial board
   117312 prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya 9 Moscow
   room 1205
   tel: (499) 135-54-96
Editorial chairs
   Emelyanov Stanislav, academician of RAS, chairman of editorial board
   Vasilyev Stanislav, academician of RAS
   Osipov Gennady, prof., vice-chairman, deputy editor-in-chief
   Popkov Yuri, academician of RAS 
   Sokolov Igor, academician of RAS
Editorial board
   Alakhverdov Viktor, prof.
   Arlazarov Vladimir, corr-member of RAS
   Bolotova Alla, prof.
   Fedunov Boris, prof.
   Finn Victor, prof.
   Fominyh Igor, prof.
   Gavrilova Tatyana, prof. 
   Golenkov Vladimir, prof.
   Eremeev Alexander, prof., deputy editor-in-chief
   Khachumov Vyacheslav, prof., executive secretary
   Khoroshevskiy Vladimir, A.P.
   Korbinskiy Boris, prof.
   Kudryavtsev Valeriy, prof.
   Kuznetsov Oleg, prof.
   Leonova Anna, prof.
   Mikheenkova Mariya, prof., executive secretary
   Petrovskiy Alexey, deputy editor-in-chief
   Pospelov Dmitriy, prof.
   Rybina Galina, prof.
   Smirnov Alexandr, prof.
   Stefanuk Vadim, prof. 
   Suleimanov Djavdet, academician of AS of Tatarstan
   Tarasov Valeriy A.P.
   Telnov Yuri, prof.
   Ushakov Dmitriy, corr-member of RAS
   Vagin Vadim, prof.
   Velichkovskiy Boris, corr-member of RAS
Editorial Office
   Davydov Pavel, managing editor
   Davydova Galina
   Svyatov Boris
117312 prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya 9 Moscow
room 1210, tel.:(499)135 32 79, 8 (985) 580 90 10
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ISSN 2071-8594
The journal is registered in Federal service of observing and controlling legislation in the area of mass media and protection of cultural heritage in 20 of May 2016. Digital certificate - № FS77-65720.
Index in "Rospechat" catalog - 48478.

The journal is supported by the Department of Information Technologies and Computing Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence.

The journal is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission. 

Permission of the editorial board and authors is required when using data of the journal.