ISSN 2071-8594

Russian academy of sciences


Gennady Osipov

I.F. Kuzminov, P.D. Bakhtin, A.A. Timofeev, E.E. Khabirova, P.A. Lobanova, N.I. Zurabyan Modern Natural Language Processing Technologies for Solving Strategic Analytics Tasks


The article is devoted to a review of the latest natural language processing (NLP) technologies that can be applied in strategic analytics. The introduction discusses the main problems in this area and specific tasks that can be solved using NLP tools. The article provides an overview of the main application areas in which these tools are involved. The paper reviews recent advancements in NLP and assess their potential. Conclusions are drawn about how the NLP apparatus should be developed in order to fulfill the needs of strategic analytics in the future.


NLP, artificial intelligence, text mining, strategic analytics.

PP. 3-16.

DOI 10.14357/20718594200101


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