ISSN 2071-8594

Russian academy of sciences


Gennady Osipov

D. A. Gavrilov, D. A. Lovtsov Efficient Automated Processing Visual Information Using Artificial Intelligence Technologies


The main provisions for solving the complex problem of effective processing of visual information in an automated optoelectronic system of ground-space monitoring using artificial intelligence technologies are presented. The stages of information processing are considered. A functional and logical decomposition of a complex problem of effective processing of visual information in an automated optoelectronic system into a hierarchical set of partial problems of less complexity is performed and variability of particular solutions is provided to obtain a rational solution to the main problem. The basic relationships and statements of the formally developed mathematical apparatus for processing information in real time are presented, on the basis of which the corresponding effective information and mathematical support has been developed. The hardware for solving the problem is presented. The results of experimental studies are presented.


optoelectronic system, monitoring, processing of visual information, stabilization, detection, localization, classification, functional diagnostics, efficiency.

PP. 33-46.

DOI 10.14357/20718594200404


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