ISSN 2071-8594

Russian academy of sciences


Gennady Osipov

A. P. Eremeev, E. R. Muntyan Development of an Ontology Based on Graphs with Multiple Edges of Different Types


The paper proposes an approach to the development of an ontology of a complex multiconnected dynamic subject/problem area based on graphs with multiple and heterogeneous connections. The necessary definitions and formal dependencies are given. The effectiveness of this approach is shown on the example of a complex technical system for the protection of an extended perimeter, including objects with multiple and different types of connections. The possibilities of implementing the proposed approach using modern graph database management systems that support the concept of non-relational organization (model) of NoSQL data (for example, Neo4j, TigerGraph) are considered.


artificial intelligence, intelligent system, complex system, ontology development, graph, multiple edges, different types of edges, databases and knowledge bases, graph DBMS, NoSQL.

PP. 3-18.

DOI 10.14357/20718594210301